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50 Cent - Wanksta zdarma si môžete počúvať vo svojom PC, notebooku alebo mobilu úplne zadarmo. 50 Cent - Wanksta zdarma. :)
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Vypočuté: 4237x
Stiahnuté: 818x
Pridané: 26. 10. 2010
Profil autora: 50 Cent
Album: ?
Žáner: Hip-Hop
Označiť ako: cancelnefunčnú

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Wanksta (Remix)"(feat. Flipmode Squad
[Intro: Busta Rhymes]

Yeah.. it's a problem, Flipmode nigga

We on the highest temperature level of the fucking pressure cooker

Blowing niggas tops, what?

Flipmode up in this bitch, The Rulership Movement nigga

Check it, let me talk, check it, check it

[Busta Rhymes]

There's only one God sonny, and there ain't no replacement

And anybody thinkin different jus get locked in the basement

You know we had to touch the beat cuz the track is dope, nigga

And throw some bullet's at you the size of cantaloupes, nigga

A lotta niggas rollin around like they can't get touched

Even the pope know to stay in bullet proof Benz trucks

Flipmode up in this bitch, ya niggas know we on fire

We hang niggas like old sneakers from telephone wires


Puerto Rican mami's call me Papi

Cuz they see me in the hood, poppin wheelies on my Kawasaki

Yo they can't stop me, Ramp yo, I'm kinda cocky

I'll break your fucking ribs like I'm playing ice hockey

Bigger than life, extort the game, critically acclaimed

Smack you in your face with my chain

Now I'm ready to go to war like Saddam Hussein

Everybody in the industry know my squad's name

[Chorus 1: Busta Rhymes]

Yo we jus an idiot, and we here to merge somethin

You know what chu dealing with, you know we here to hurt somethin

So stop with the stupid shit, cuz it ain't even worth frontin

Hope you know that you could really end up in the earth cuzin

[50 Cent]

We do this all the time, right now we on the grind

So hurry up and cop and go selling nicks and dimes

Shorty she's so fine, I gotta make her mine

A ass like dat gotta be one of a kind

I crush 'em every time, punch 'em with every line

I'm fuckin with they mind, I make 'em press rewind

They know they can't shine if I'm around the rhyme

Been on parole since ninety four cuz I commit the crime

I say you on my line, I did it three ta nine

If D's ran up in my crib, you know who droppin dimes

[Chorus 2: 50 Cent]

You say you a gangsta but you neva pop nuttin

We say you a wanksta and you need to stop frontin

You go to the dealership but you neva cop nuttin

You been hustlin a long time and you ain't got nuttin

[Baby Sham]

I know your man, he says that you the bitch stuntin

You don't know how the gun cock to reach somethin

Yeah, I see ya face in ya grill

But it's your conscience itchin to tell you the squad love a mil

Like a forest field, we hunt ta god, it's surreal

Flipmode, cop boy, get your weight up for real, get at 'em

[Chorus 1]

[Chorus 2]

[50 Cent]

Damn homie, in highskewl you was the man, homie

What the fuck happened to you?

I got the sickest vendetta, when it come to the chedda

Nigga you play wit my paper, you gon meet my berretta

Now shorty think I'ma sweat her, sippin on amoretta

I'm hit once than deada, I know I can do betta

She look good but I know she after my chedda

She tryna get in my pockets homie and I ain't gon let her

Be easy, start some bullshit ya get your whole crew wet

We in the club doin the same ol' two step

Guerrilla Unit cuz, they say we bugged out

Cuz we don't go nowhere without toast, we thugged out

[Chorus 2 - repeat 2x]

[50 Cent]

Ah ha!
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